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16: Travis Watts – Financial Independence Through Passive Investing

Travis Contact: Instagram @passiveincometravelers Show Notes [00:00:38] Schedule a call with me at [00:01:04] Check out my interview with Erik Smith from Fitness and...

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15: Paul Moore – The Perfect Investment!

Show Notes Paul’s Contact Info: Twitter: @PaulMooreInvest Email: [00:01:32] IF you want to stick with your resolution and goals, read Atomic Habits by James Clear – [00:02:22]...

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EP 14: Roni Elias – How Litigation Financing Helps Fight Your Case

Summary Roni Elias’ Contact Info: Email: Website: Show Notes [00:03:11] Meet Roni in person at the Best ever Conference in Keystone Colorado ( Use coupon code “GOALS20” to...

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EP 13: Bernard Reisz – What Everyone Should Know About QRPs & UDFI Tax

Bernard Reisz CPA is the founder of which gives investors direct control of their tax-sheltered funds for real estate equity and debt opportunities using checkbook controlled IRAs, QRPs,...

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EP 12: Yonah Weiss – Cost Segregation Expert Interview

Show Notes [00:02:40] Yonah works for Madison SPECS, one of the biggest cost segregation firms in the country. [00:03:06] Yonah had recently surpassed 1000 posts on [00:03:34] You...

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11: Jonathan Wei – Best Practices to Raise Capital

Show Notes [00:01:43] You can visit Jonathan’s website at [00:02:13] Set up a free call with me at [00:04:43] Jonathan bought 3 condos to start. Then he...

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Vee Khuu

Show Host

Vee has participated in over $15M in real estate transactions in different capacity (wholesaler, flipper, property manager, deals closer, deals underwriter etc.) since 2009. He invested in 220+ units passively.

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